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When Art and Geek Collide


Being a geek over thirty brings with it certain problems. Some of those are shared with the rest of the post-twenty population – the inability to shake off a hangover in anything under forty-eight hours and a sudden realisation that everyone under the age of twenty-five actually looks about twelve.

Other problems, however, are unique to geekdom. If you’re a gamer, there’s the disappointing fact that you physically can’t compete with anyone in online games anymore. In part because they seem to have the reflexes of the Flash, but also because – though we hate to admit it – we don’t understand half of their slang and insults anymore. If you’re a Sci-Fi fan, there’s the problem of having to watch all of your treasured sci-fi memories being remade and reimagined. Worse, even though you hate to admit it, they actually sometimes manage to make them better than the original.

There are some positives though, and one of those is the thing that geeks of all types would have killed for when we were younger – disposable income.

Put simply, we now often have the ability to buy all those things we would simply have had to lust after from a distance when we were younger. And so with that in mind, we feel we should draw your attention to the work of metal artist Aurelien George. Want a beautiful metal sculpture of Sawboss from Jace and the Wheeled Warriors (as pictured above)? Well for the measly sum of €1000 it can be yours. A metal recreation of the Arwing (Super NES version of course) then that can be yours too.

A selection this, and other joys to be found on the Aurelien George website can be found below. We highly recommend paying it a visit – we guarantee you’ll find something there that will look perfect in your living room – and importantly help distract you from all those kids playing on our collective geek lawns…

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