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The Horror Show

Apparently VOD is the future. Not our words, but those of a brace of bearded big-shots we may concede to knowing more about the industry than DragonDark – namely, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

This talented twosome gave an interesting insight into how they see the future of the entertainment biz during a lecture at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Meanwhile, we decided to take these cinematic soothsayers at their word and attend last night’s launch of the latest – and greatest, if you are a fan of all things horror – channel to hit the market.

Today sees The Horror Show go live. A VOD site dedicated to twisted tales of vampires, zombies, serial killers and anything else that may go bump in the night, The Horror Show looks to be a dream for all devotees of dread and disgust. From the blood-and-thunder trailer played to yesterday evening’s attendees, to the content we were lucky enough to see previewed, this looks like a hugely promising endeavour.

Taking place in Leicester Square’s famous Prince Charles Cinema, The Horror Show launch event explained all about the concept of this VOD venture. Avoiding the Netflix model of subscription, The Horror Show offers a sizable selection of genre flicks to stream or download at your leisure for a small individual fee, with material varying from the classic to the contemporary. If DragonDark may be so bold as to make a recommendation, curious viewers could do far worse than checking out the John Landis-produced horror-comedy Some Guy Who Kills People. It features no genre tropes, but it’s largely hilarious (as well as featuring Lucy Davis, bringing her Dawn Tinsley everywoman routine to the States).

Where The Horror Show differs from the established bigger hitters, however, is their dedication to helping smaller projects reach a wider audience. Viewers can download a package of ten short films for just 99p at present, a cracking deal of bite-sized chills which will help showcase some of the genre’s future leading lights. One such project, Him Indoors (the tale of an agoraphobic serial killer, played to perfection by The League of Gentlemen‘s Reece Shearsmith) was screened yesterday evening to a rapturous reception.

With the King of Cult Kim Newman introducing the evenings main event, and a rare 35mm print of the 80s serial killer thriller White of the Eye (also available on The Horror Show, despite being out-of-print on DVD for many years) screening, a good time was had by all. As of today, a claim has been staked and a gauntlet laid down for fright fans everywhere. VOD may be the future, but The Horror Show make a pretty compelling case for it being the present too.

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