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Trailerwatch: Insurgent & Mad Max: Fury Road


Post-apocalyptic fictions haven’t been so big since the eighties. And appropriately enough, in the mad schedule of sequels set to seize multiplex screens in 2015, two new trailers released this week deliver on the promise of their earlier teasers.

For those enjoying the quality fiction being produced under the Young adult Sales banner, the second book in Veronica Roth‘s Divergent trilogy has been adapted by Summit following their worldwide success with Divergent, and following a dramatic teaser trailer showing how strongly the films are forming their own identity, we now have the full trailer for Insurgent. While it may not convince newcomers to the series in either form, it certainly works for the fans, and shows Summit fully embracing their (no-longer-rising-because-if-you-can-open-a-film-bigger-than Tom-Cruise’s-latest-at-the-domestic-box-office-then-you’ve-arrived) star Shailene Woodley’s action hero status, unlike the timid marketing of the first film. Director Robert Schwentke (RED, Flightplan) provides the same step up in visual terms that Francis Lawrence did for rival franchise The Hunger Games, and the casting is as strong as the first one. All in all, this looks like being as entertaining as the first.

For older audiences and those who like things a little more old-school, the pre-eminent franchise in post-apocalyptic sci-fi action returns after thirty years. Mad Australian director Dr. George Miller is back with Mad Max: Fury Road, putting a talented younger cast – Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult – through their paces in the Namibian desert, alongside the kind of utterly insane, high-speed, highly stylised automotive destruction that The Fast and the Furious producers can only dream of putting on-screen. We thought the first trailer delivered, but it was clearly a teaser; if the first one was the announcement, this one is the confirmation – we can see signature camera moves and appreciate even more the scale of it, as well as how well integrated the CG work looks with the bonkers live stunt work.
Frankly, we’re more blown away by this trailer than we were by the teaser, and we didn’t think that possible. As someone pointed out on Twitter, this is how you make a movie the way they did in the eighties – by making a movie like it would have been back then. We’re so glad we have today’s technology, though, as we can enjoy this in the best video and audio at home as many times as we like. Which we’re going to do right after we post this article, and probably all weekend.

Insurgent hits U.K. screens on 20th March 2015. Mad Max: Fury Road opens on 15th May 2015.

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