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Trailerwatch: Fantastic Four


Well, maybe the J.J. Abrams-style secrecy over this film has been worthwhile, because whatever else the gossip, leaks and speculation have suggested, nothing, not even the new interview with director Josh Trank (Chronicle) and writer Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future PastX-Men: First Class) over at Collider, prepared us for the power and beauty of this particular vision of Marvel’s First Family.  The marketing team at Fox may have taken a cue from last year’s X-Men and Interstellar‘s trailers here, but if they’re going for a more serious tone than frankly that’s a good thing after the earlier fluffy versions by Tim Story and company.  Certainly, the Ultimates version comes far more to mind here than the 60s Lee & Kirby one, but that’s fine by us too; they’ve been such an important source for the MCU it’s a good thing they’re part of the DNA of this new film.

Based on this stylish, subtle glimpse and Trank’s mentions of Cronenberg’s The Fly and Scanners as influences, we’re on board now.  Roll on the release this summer.


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