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News: Pacific Rim Becomes the Franchise it Deserves


After months of tidbits about working on a sequel script from uber-geek Guillermo Del Toro (and if you don’t think he deserves that appellation, you need to check out the Welcome to Bleak House extra on the Criterion edition of his debut Cronos - you can see the start of it online here), the most recent of which was that he was collaborating with Zak Penn (The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk) on it, today comes the news below. Check it out.

As anyone who read our editor’s review upon the movie’s cinema release will know, DragonDark think this is good news indeed. Not just a sequel, but more comics and an animated series -a full-blown franchise. The world of Pacific Rim was detailed and interesting, and Travis Beacham’s comic prequel to his own script helped cement some of those in place.  The novelisation aided as well, with some nice character moments that had fallen by the wayside in the actual production.

pacific-rim-hunnamAll of these whetted our appetites for more adventures in that world – and now we’re getting them.  Thanks Legendary, and thanks GDT – something SF to look forward to that isn’t Marvel, DC or Star Wars is now on the horizon.  Now would it be too much to ask for a decent videogame please…? The browser one was fun, but a proper Jaeger-Kaiju beat-em-up is what the gaming world needs!


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