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It’s Alive! The new Dark Side website is ready to launch

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Friends, Romans and Countrymen, lend us your ears. Or rather your eyes, for it’s your peepers that we have a treat in store for (in addition to your wallets). Our friends over at The Dark Side have had a facelift, and thankfully it wasn’t performed by Dr. Phibes or Herbert West. The new-look is now live, and you lucky and loyal DragonDarkers are entitled to a complimentary issue of the new Darkside Digital magazine. Yep, the UK’s premier horror magazine has launched a shiny and new digital-only edition, perfect for filling those long and lonely days between the printed issues (which, confusingly, you can also buy online).

Ordinarily these periodicals will be available at an already-bargainous £2 per publication, but we’re offering you fine and undoubtedly handsome readers something even cheaper – free.

That’s right, free. Complimentary. Gratis. On the house. We’re not even asking you to sign away your soul, or that of your first-born son. It may sound crazy, but we all go a little mad sometimes – take advantage of our perishable philanthropy while you can.

Just head over to and enter the code DARKDRAGON at checkout (an ingenious enigma that Hannibal himself would struggle to crack) to claim your free issue of the latest news, reviews and interviews in the field of terror.

Dark Side Digital is brought to you by the same team as The Dark Side, and since there are no printing costs incurred it will retail at just £2 per issue. Please visit and check out all print and digital subscription offers – you can also follow The Dark Side team on twitter – @thedarksidemag – for all the latest updates and issue alerts.

See you on the Dark Side. Come get some.

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